How do you maintain your ping-pong table?

Even though Cornilleau’s outdoor tables offer supreme durability, this does not preclude the implementation of some quick and simple examples of good practice to get as much use as possible out of them. So how do you take care of your ping-pong table? Which accessories are best for a clean, well-kept table?


Ping-pong tables can be subjected to external elements, which have an impact on playing comfort, especially if you’re the owner of an outdoor table. Stains, dirt and dust are drawbacks any player is keen to avoid. Rain, snow, wind: your outdoor table is inevitably exposed to the vagaries of the weather. Fortunately, maintenance of a ping-pong table is simple, rapid and accessible to all. You just need the right accessories for effective, long-lasting maintenance.



The tabletops of your ping-pong table require special attention. To avoid any deterioration, corrosive products and solvents must be banished. Favour appropriate, gentle upkeep, which will give your table new lustre. Cornilleau’s revitalising foam aerosol cleaner is highly effective on outdoor and indoor tabletops. Carefully designed for maintaining ping-pong tables, it provides optimum efficiency and anti-static action. Simply shake the aerosol and apply the cleaner to the areas to be cleaned. Using a cloth or a wet sponge, delicately rub these areas to remove all the stains. Your table is like new, ready to welcome new players.


entretenir_sa_table_11.jpgPROTECTION OF YOUR PING-PONG TABLE

For even greater effectiveness, your outdoor ping-pong table can also be protected by a cover. The latter is an unbreakable shield against dust, dead leaves and dirt of any kind. Should you wish to fold it up and stow it away, go for a suitable spot sheltered from the wind. In this way, you’ll avoid any risk of damage in the event that your table is knocked over. Opt for a garage or a spot against a wall for greater security. The upkeep of a ping-pong table is based on a few easily achievable actions. Don’t hesitate to take a few minutes of your time to take care of it. Your table will guarantee you a unique playing experience for your most awesome ping parties!