Outdoor Rackets (composite materials) or traditional Wooden Rackets ?

Choosing a racket is weighing carefully the right blend of control , speed and grip.

Depending on your level, it is important to choose a racket fit for you in order to enjoy the game to fullest. 

Outdoor rackets : weather-resistant (Tacteo and Nexeo)


  • Resistant (Shock, UV, Water, Not detachable)
  • Equal performance to a wooden racket
  • Can stay outdoor all year long
  • Fits 100% of family and friends needs


Tacteo range :

Launched in 2005, the Tacteo is improving year on year to the rhythm of our innovations. Capable of withstanding all kinds of bad weather, the 100% French outdoor racket boasts a new colorfull look, which will unite young and old in the joys of the game with the family.

logo picto tacteo 50

Nexeo range :

Based on their solid experience of outdoor equipment, Cornilleau's engineer hve developed a patented 'four-material durable' version. This outdoor racket stands alone in terms of performance: outdoor 'weather-resistant', incredibly high-performance, ultra-durable 'shock-resistant' and extra light.

Wooden rackets : to play indoor


  • 1 The rubberDécomposition d'une raquette de ping pong cornilleau

Cornilleau rubbers are rated by a number of stars. Starting with mild grip and elasticity up to rubbers providing high levels of grip and elasticity.

  • 2 Foam

The foam thickness, will provide speed to your racket.

  • 3 Blade

The Blade thickness, number of ply and type of wood will provide different characteristics to the racket. 

  • 4 Handle

There are three types of handle shapes to choose from in order to provide a comfortable feeling depending on your grip.